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From Twitter 05-26-2010 [May. 27th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 12:52:23: You know how sometimes people are worried you won't be up to something important, and that makes you think you're going to crash and burn?
  • 12:53:09: The letting agency are making me sign my parents up as guarantors. And now I have the worst-case scenario stuck in my head and I feel sick.
  • 12:54:06: RT @InnerBrat: RT @MsLaudanum: My friend's daughter is missing, please help him find her, they're in Winnipeg:
  • 18:41:15: @InnerBrat can I buy your TV?
  • 18:49:01: ...oh, George Takei. Did you really need the money that much?
  • 18:52:21: @parcae for a new TV with better colours! apparently.
  • 20:00:27: I don't mind the boys playing football out there, but I do wish they'd stop kicking it into the mesh fence...
  • 20:30:29: and now I've broken the toilet. any ideas how to unjam a button flush that's stuck in the down position? I can't get into the cistern.
  • 21:32:13: *eyes clock* wheeeere are @innerbrat's groceries?
  • 22:28:54: @silveraspen *eyes* have you been skipping meals again?
  • 22:39:30: @silveraspen I know where you live. I will start having pizza delivered. :P

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