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From Twitter 05-22-2010 [May. 23rd, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 18:16:16: SILURIANS.
  • 18:33:55: The inter-programme announcer said it before the thing had even started.
  • 19:26:52: may have just shrieked at a This Water ad on TV. looking up to be confronted by grinning fruit is scary!
  • 20:10:37: why do the Ringwraiths CARE about having their robes set on fire?
  • 20:19:06: I love how in the face of a torrent of water, the Wraiths don't head for the bank mere feet away, they try to outrun it.
  • 20:29:56: @Frito_KAL Cats are weird. I found my kitten inside a rolled-up magazine once.
  • 20:32:13: @Frito_KAL Looking for food, or just to be there?
  • 20:44:48: @Frito_KAL I need to meet Gracie someday.
  • 20:47:34: @Frito_KAL Hee! it wouldn't be the first time I've been claimed by someone's cat for sleeping on their couch.
  • 20:51:09: side note: Andy Serkis can actually do the Gollum voice without the aid of technology. I've heard him.
  • 21:54:48: @calamitykate I can't, but I'll send my sister. ;)
  • 22:00:36: @calamitykate tried to call her, but I hit her voicemail. I shall text!
  • 22:23:16: SyFy has the BEST bad horror movies.
  • 22:42:17: @calamitykate oh dear. are you okay?
  • 23:13:43: @innerbrat has left the room to escape Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. and to go to bed, but this movie is AWFUL.
  • 23:36:41: @KathrynATaylor don't be glum! watch appalling creature features on SyFy and laugh at them, you'll feel better.

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