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From Twitter 05-21-2010 [May. 22nd, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:11:00: @ironicsegue *clingsback* it sucks when a character's happy and you know exactly how badly it ends for them.
  • 19:16:45: the children outside are howling like dogs. it's mildly disturbing.
  • 20:18:21: ....augh. mother's email account has been hijacked and is sending me things about fetish shoes. DO NOT WANT.
  • 20:32:01: @bansidhe Not that she's mentioned, but I've only just warned her and she checks that account once a day at most.
  • 20:38:37: @ilikeautumn your bosslady would probably let you. she sounds awesome.
  • 22:15:01: @samburgler that's what nieces and nephews are for.
  • 22:56:51: @daraobriain *You* do. I grew up near Croydon, and frankly I'm not so sure about there.
  • 23:01:08: @MitchBenn Mitch! How could you?
  • 23:09:48: @cansandstring were you specifically invited to the party? less antisocial if you weren't.

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