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From Twitter 05-17-2010 [May. 18th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:00:04: @pixieodeath ....ewww.
  • 00:02:30: @ladyseraph Contacts would require sticking my fingers in my eyes, alas. I can't even let my mother pluck my eyebrows without twitching.
  • 00:11:04: @ladyseraph you know, I'm not really sure. The whole idea of anything in my eye freaks me out, even when, say, tweezers only get close.
  • 01:01:16: @zeppelining_you I'll probably have a couch by then! or possibly a sofabed.
  • 11:52:18: RIP Janet S, who drove me crazy with the constant phone calls but who I actually really liked. No more pain now.
  • 20:13:24: @calamitykate I'd help, but I got dropped down a set in maths at school and gave it up altogether at sixteen.
  • 20:13:44: @calamitykate Total coincidence that they dropped my partners in crime Kim and Marie at the same time...
  • 21:29:02: while the government are thinking about child asylum seekers, can they also stop kicking out kids who grew up here as soon as they turn 18?
  • 21:31:55: @requiem2adream easy on the spoilers, Lauren?

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