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From Twitter 05-06-2010 [May. 7th, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 19:11:44: it makes me very sad that Philippa Stroud is running for office where I grew up. D:
  • 23:04:27: Maybe I should revive those plans to move to Canada....
  • 23:14:32: my dad could have had Canadian citizenship, actually, since his dad was born there to a Canadian citizen. but he never applied for it.
  • 23:14:56: @ashes_and_mist :( *massages*
  • 23:42:38: @Technophobia like Hadrian's Wall! Which was the Romans giving up on subjugating the Scots and settling for keeping them up north. :D
  • 23:56:23: @ashes_and_mist I mostly love the fact that the Romans took 90% of the known world, but the Scots were just too much for them.

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