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From Twitter 05-02-2010

  • 01:03:27: I keep dreaming about my grandmother's house. she died when I was twenty and my mother sold it. why is it suddenly coming up on repeat?
  • 11:30:53: @calamitykate the steamer I use at my voluntary work has the warning "do not steam self, others, or clothes being worn" and a helpful image.
  • 12:38:12: @lisabounce my cat would like to compete, but I have no pictures.
  • 12:40:08: @lisabounce No, he's on the floor being grumpy.
  • 12:42:48: @lisabounce it's raining and I think he feels that's our fault.
  • 12:45:57: @lisabounce especially not when they're old and arthritic. *pets him carefully*
  • 13:25:23: @lauriepink Poor Smith, he has had a day.
  • 16:19:26: RT @derekmarkham: Found - adorable puppy in Silver City. No collar, not reported as missing. Know whose it is?
  • 20:42:53: @smiththewhippet I'd imagine it's sort of the same as when a human cuts a joint place. try bandaging above and below the knee.
  • 22:41:28: @ashes_and_mist Stroganoff is kind of beef-in-gravy, right? You could ask for just a few chunks of solid meat.
  • 23:21:22: @essers according to my TV guide, you are watching... Komodo vs. Cobra. Oh, Syfy.

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