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I have written my first ever filk, which is under the cut, to the tune of Jean Genie.

Remus Lupin snuck down into Hogsmeade
Sat in the Broomsticks in glittery lipstick
Drank vodka and cola, and dreamed of one older
Talked to Rosmerta and thought of another.
Hogsmeade's a go-go and yet he was lonely.
Poor little Remus.

Remus Lupin lives on his back
Remus Lupin loves Sirius Black
When they go dancing, he screams and he bawls
Remus Lupin, let yourself go!

Built like a man but wears glitter and make-up
He loves him, he loves him, when will he wake up?
Skye says he's blind, and Remus *does* mind
He says he's his best friend, but why won't the pain end?
Yes, Siri cares for him, but Remus adores him.
Poor little Remus.


He's too distracted, he can't sleep in the night
He waits for someday when *he'll* see the light
Wants to be loved, wants to be loved

CHORUS (repeat)


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