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From Twitter 04-29-2010 [Apr. 30th, 2010|03:02 am]
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  • 00:10:19: @calamitykate sadly, I have no money. but it's my birthday in a couple of months, I'll make puppy eyes at my parents.
  • 00:14:28: @calamitykate my sister is that for our family. she once managed to drop her phone in the River Cam.
  • 00:32:13: @gypsyjr if he's still there tomorrow, live trap?
  • 19:21:10: I have a new fake nephew! born at 3.25 yesterday, some complications but Mum and baby both improving. No name yet, but soon. :)
  • 21:38:22: I want to app the twins from "9" somewhere. how hard do people think it would be to play mute characters?
  • 21:54:04: @winternoir Normal as far as they're rag dolls made of gardening gloves, but yeah. ;)

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