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From Twitter 04-26-2010 [Apr. 27th, 2010|03:02 am]
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  • 00:02:31: @sydk Just focus on the artistry of it and try to ignore the story.
  • 18:31:22: @starletfallen aw, you shouldn't kill the little ones. :( just the big ones with the freakish spindly legs.
  • 18:33:25: dammit, I can't AFFORD to spend money on a bear for charity signed by Idina Menzel and Jane Lynch. *cries*
  • 18:56:04: "What do you want for dinner?" "Not pretzels". And this after ten minutes of making pigeon noises at the cat. I love my flatmates.
  • 21:15:48: ...I was going to object to an American playing Robin Hood, but Cate Blanchett in armour made me forget the words.
  • 21:31:13: Australian, too. He's not British!
  • 21:43:20: @RichardCAdler apologies to the Americans. I still resent a non-Brit getting to play our culture hero.
  • 21:51:33: @RichardCAdler *throws shoes*
  • 22:15:30: @calamitykate oh, what's she said now?
  • 22:20:12: @calamitykate ...*sigh*
  • 22:23:21: @calamitykate I think it was actually implying she hurt herself beating HIM. because that's what strong independent women do.
  • 22:28:28: @calamitykate of course. no real career woman EVER takes time off.
  • 22:32:21: @calamitykate and anyway, a politician's wife should have no life outside supporting him and the kids.
  • 22:33:25: @calamitykate and if she names the kids in her own culture and raises them in her religion, even if he doesn't care, she's clearly a harpy.
  • 22:56:23: @dizzyshai a wrench.
  • 22:59:20: @ashes_and_mist my plant is somehow managing to survive my horrible neglect and constant forgetting to water it. *guilt*
  • 23:20:27: Hah. Nobody wants Russell Crowe.

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