psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,


Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from better than it sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. A recovering addict, a neurotic in denial, and a woman with serious confidence issues share a house in Bristol.

2. A bunch of people get together on a spaceship to battle a sadistic glam goddess and her massive personal army.

3. A teenage girl is killed in a terrorist attack organized by her friends. A copy of her soul ends up in the body of a robot killing machine that will one day destroy human civilization. It's a family drama.

4. Game show where contestants make fools out of themselves to earn cubic zirconia in order to collect pieces of colored foil for adventuring days out.

5. An angry British hotelier hates his guests, lies to his wife, and physically assaults the hotel waiter. The underpaid maid is the only competent person. It's a comedy.

6. A detective is very good at solving murders, but keeps having to let the killers go free so that they can help kill lots of Germans. His assistant only has one leg.

7. Rich, dishonest people are robbed in highly creative ways.

8. He's an ageing alcoholic frustrated academic singleton. He's a much younger family man from the north. Together they fight crime.

9. A widower, a compulsive gambler and a neurotic with OCD join forces with a dog-murderer to solve mysteries.

10. College teacher is a dick to a bunch of amateurs who follow him unquestioningly. They cover up cryptid sightings and try to arrest the teacher's estranged spouse.

11. Man retires from his stressful job to an exclusive and seemingly idyllic resort, but spends all his time bitching about it and refuses to join in the fun and games like everyone else.

12. A struggling Shakespearean theatre company is reinvigorated with the help of a director who suffered a nervous breakdown, and the bisexual ghost only he can see.

13. The government opens up relations with a foreign power, and our heroes respond by blowing up buildings. Also, there's a kid who wants to bang a lizard.

14. A paranoid nerd and an attractive doctor (who may or may not be sleeping with each other) spend a lot of time trudging through forests and other out-of-the-way places in search of the truth whilst an elderly government employee smokes a lot.

15. A young boy and a run away slave raft down the Mississippi River. The author will shoot you if you try to analyze the plot.

16. A man is let out of prison and is hired as chauffeur and bodyguard to a weird man who's conducting a secret war against another bunch of other weird people. The story is occasionally interrupted for history lessons or stories that are almost completely unrelated.

17. In The Future, there's no crime, poverty, war, disease or old age, and everyone gets to have lots and lots of sex. But the Noble Savage says it's bad. Two other people, who are among the smartest people on earth, go on a quest to stop being happy.

18. A military veteran, now a monk, helps solve murders.

19. A group of bored people walk to visit the site where somebody died. On the way, they tell stories in hopes of winning food.

20. A bunch of dead people harass a wealthy, reclusive industrialist, depriving him of sleep. He eventually gives in to them. This is considered good.
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