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From Twitter 04-23-2010 [Apr. 24th, 2010|02:01 am]
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  • 11:33:28: things that make Kate paranoid #357: calling in sick to work only to have the agency call at 10 asking where I am. I left a message!
  • 12:20:53: my throat hurts. :( But! I have a pint of ice cream in the freezer from the last time I ordered Chinese. That will make it all better.
  • 14:19:44: @viridian what have you got?
  • 14:24:19: @viridian hmmm... green? the right shade of green would look lovely with your hair.
  • 15:14:03: watching the cat twitch in his sleep. it's kind of cute.
  • 15:55:39: @ilikeautumn I want your boss. Will she give me a job?
  • 16:20:56: @ilikeautumn alas. maybe someone will retire!
  • 18:54:21: @davegodfrey Happy birthday, Dave! I'd come, but a cold like this one would be a crappy present. I owe you a drink, next time I see you.
  • 19:43:04: @dizzyshai Only if you're not married at the time.
  • 21:35:28: Ben has made me desperately need Sanya/Ramirez art. Anyone feel inspired?
  • 22:47:25: @ChadLindberg Ash should totally have an action figure.

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