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Seven people I'd shag, no strings attached, no recriminations: (no particular order). Stolen from olukemi via neonglow.

Connor Trinneer: Come on, how could you *not*? He's got a sexy accent, and he looks like James Dean.

David Bowie: At any point during his long career.

Marc Bolan: I like glam rock, OK?

Harrison Ford: preferably during the Han Solo era, but now at a push.

Johnny Depp: Cheekbones!

Orlando Bloom: see above

Guy Pearce: I've never seen a man who looked so good in drag

Alternates that mean nothing to anyone except me:

My old next-door neighbour Mark: the embodiment of a Greek god, now works in the City of London

My step-cousin Daniel: defines tall, dark and handsome. Unfortunately, according to my grandmother, he knows that a *bit* too well. Ah well, this is just a fantasy, right?

Jeremy from drama: he looked like Jude Law! What else is there to say? Shame I haven't seen him in years...

Dave from uni: almost had an embarrassing drunken incident with him - realised he had a steady girlfriend just in time...

Chris from uni: if he was straight.

Little Dan from uni: again, if he was straight.

Jacob, from uni: If he hadn't streaked across Library Square and got on the front cover of the student paper stark naked (yes, full-frontal), thus putting himself forever off-limits. It would be too weird.

Will from Choral, if he wasn't an arrogant bastard.

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