psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 04-19-2010

  • 13:43:44: That Crusha advert is TERRIFYING.
  • 14:00:35: the trouble with saying "£2 a month isn't much" is that a LOT of equally deserving charities want £2 or £3 a month. How do you choose?
  • 16:00:19: ahahaha. convinced myself my next interview was Wednesday, not tomorrow. well-timed e-mail, agency Charlotte!
  • 16:14:50: @MsClara how do your eyes feel? hayfever can irritate the eyes, apart from the coldy symptoms.
  • 16:16:19: @MsClara other than that, you could try seeing if antihistamines make it go away...
  • 18:05:20: @agoodshinkickin Twitpic! We'll tell you. :D
  • 18:38:54: I should probably eat at some point today. But my nose is blocked and nothing I have easy access to is really appealing. Not even pizza.
  • 18:45:45: @pixieodeath Soup could work! I do like miso, and there is a Chinese place nearby...
  • 18:55:15: @krisis yeah, but Parisians are fashion snobs.
  • 19:27:18: I have decided this is karmic punishment for lying to my parents about why I didn't want to visit on Easter Monday. I won't do it again!
  • 20:19:03: @hilarity it's possible you cracked the bone without displacing anything. in which case it should heal on its own
  • 23:09:06: being introduced to Sad Kermit singing "Hallelujah". If I bombard you with links from this site in the future, know it's @innerbrat's fault
  • 23:19:50: @amyamychan *cries at you*

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