psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Much of today was rotten. I got a message from Vicci saying "Can you not come down to Brighton, but look up stats about male rape for the documentary instead?"... when I was already on the train to Brighton. So I called her back and explained, and in the middle of that my phone died, but not before she said "Oh. OK, fine, don't worry". So it was back to the original plan.

And then I got to Brighton, went shopping for a bit but was completely unable to find Red Dwarf Season 1 on DVD, which made me sad. Then I met up with Kirsten and Laila at the Western Front, and we went round the shops begging for raffle prizes. For two hours. In the rain. And my socks and new trousers are still very wet. But we did get given six prizes upfront, and tentative promises of a few more. So that was good.

And then I came home and bought both Red Dwarf DVDs on Amazon to make myself feel better. And before that, I saw little Jeremy from down the road, who is now 14 and scarily not-little. I hadn't realised how long it is since I last saw him - he was tiny last time.

But Red Dwarf DVDs are coming in two weeks! I adore Red Dwarf! This is the beauty of television rather than film - the makers can take chances that often work out so wonderfully well. Example: the Red Dwarf people chose, as their entire regular cast, three stand-up comedians and a dancer, none of whom had any proven acting ability at the time. And it's still going strong a decade later, with talk of a movie.

Brilliant. It's just brilliant.


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