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From Twitter 03-16-2010 [Mar. 17th, 2010|02:02 am]
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  • 20:32:29: ...just noticed that one of the clips in the anti-smoking ad with the kids singing has a toddler waving a prop disembodied arm around. O.o.
  • 20:49:22: Chris claims to have been in England for fifteen years and never heard the expression "mind out" before tonight. Tell him it's real.
  • 20:50:50: @sleight_of_hand "be careful", more or less.
  • 21:59:18: @dizzyshai yeah, you can't cast Jackie Chan and expect people to think of karate...
  • 22:04:21: ....CSI is soundtracking a multi-person shootout with Johnny Cash. LOVE.
  • 23:56:25: oh thank God, they've found little Sahil alive and well.

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