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From Twitter 02-26-2010 [Feb. 27th, 2010|02:01 am]
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  • 19:57:33: I feel tired and unwanted.
  • 21:20:43: @jumblejim they always did where I grew up...
  • 21:43:16: ah, mac n cheese, the ultimate comfort food. even crappy mac and cheese from a box, which this was not.
  • 21:55:28: @dizzyshai ??
  • 22:21:33: @dizzyshai ...Shai, honey. WHY did you do that?
  • 22:28:07: @dizzyshai does the steak exist? tell me it does.
  • 22:32:19: @dizzyshai what cut is it? sell-by date?
  • 22:36:29: @dizzyshai nice! get it in the freezer, woman.
  • 22:40:22: @dizzyshai that'll do! as long as it's not too long. can't refreeze beef.
  • 23:02:27: AstroQuest. AstroQuest? You weren't even TRYING to disguise it, were you, CSI?
  • 23:15:33: @Kajivar but commercial lightsaber replicas are cheap crappy plastic swords that if you're very lucky light up. real swords are cooler.
  • 23:44:48: today I saw a tiny chihuahua-type dog utterly intimidate one the size of a Labrador by trying to play with it.

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