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From Twitter 02-06-2010 [Feb. 7th, 2010|02:01 am]
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  • 19:26:56: my baby cousin likes to slap her parents in the face. and makes a funny face on demand, pictures of which to follow. (first met her today)
  • 19:34:48: baby cousin's name is Lily. poor thing was exhausted and teething and cried a lot, but was adorable otherwise.
  • 19:41:25: @splash_of_blue that name keeps making me blink.
  • 19:47:31: @splash_of_blue Yes. Have you forgotten your Peter Pan?
  • 20:39:25: the cat is scared of Debi's Batman sweater. If he sees her with the hood up, with the ears, he hides under the table.
  • 21:08:48: @dexfarkin Not necessarily. I'm living with an internet friend. So are you.
  • 23:03:16: SPN casting folks, could you have possibly chosen an actress to play Dean's younger mother who didn't LOOK JUST LIKE JO?
  • 23:06:01: @silensy and it is disturbing and Oedipal!

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