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From Twitter 01-22-2010 [Jan. 23rd, 2010|03:01 am]
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  • 00:07:14: @hollyherself I'm sorry. :( She sounds like a great cat.
  • 21:41:11: @mgaiman But where's the fun in that?
  • 21:43:49: @HMerin You could publish a book!
  • 22:05:15: Ziggydog at work is sick. :( he had exploratory surgery and now feels very sorry for himself. didn't even wag his tail when I came in.
  • 22:05:26: he usually gets up and comes to say hello. it is worrisome.
  • 23:13:58: @dizzyshai When did you last eat?
  • 23:17:42: @dizzyshai been keeping hydrated?
  • 23:33:45: @dizzyshai was it a dizzy kind of blackout, or a sudden unconsciousness kind?
  • 23:43:08: @dizzyshai hm. I was thinking "inner ear" but that doesn't sound much like it... sounds more like what I get with abrupt temperature shifts
  • 23:43:28: was it particularly cold out today or a particularly hot shower?
  • 23:48:20: @dizzyshai it could happen. takes the body time to adjust. did it happen right after you stepped into the shower?
  • 23:54:03: @dizzyshai I think you might have your culprit. unless, of course, it happens again without hot water being involved.

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