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[Feb. 14th, 2003|06:25 pm]
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[Current Mood |sad]
[Current Music |Queen, Too Much Love Will Kill You]

Oh, this song breaks my heart. Those of you who know it, do you think it would still be as sad if Freddie Mercury hadn't died the way he did, and so young?

This, incidentally, didn't come out of nowhere. I've been thinking lately about the effect the death of an actor or musician can have on people's perception of their work - like all the people who went to see The Crow specifically because Brandon Lee died making it.

So, do you think it makes certain songs sadder when you know the person singing them died young? Only ones that would have been sad anyway, of course...

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Date:February 14th, 2003 - 11:12 am

Jeff Buckley. :(


There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away.
Well, it's my time coming.
I'm not afraid to die.
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time.
Oh, time.
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire,
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire.
And she weeps on my arm,
Walking to the bright lights in sorrow.
Oh, drink a bit of wine.
We both might go tomorrow.
Oh, my love.
And the rain is falling,
And I believe my time has come.
It reminds me of the pain I might leave behind.
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire,
Wait in the fire, wait in the fire.
And I feel them drown my name,
So easy to know and forget with this kiss.
I'm not afraid to go, but it goes so slow.

Lover, You Should've Come Over:

Looking out the door, I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners
Parading in a wake of sad relations as their shoes fill up with water,
And maybe I'm too young to keep good love from going wrong,
But tonight you're on my mind so you'll never know
I'm broken down and hungry for your love with no way to feed it.
Where are you tonight? Child, you know how much I need it.
Too young to hold on, and too old to just break free and run.
Sometimes a man gets carried away, when he feels like he should be having his fun,
And much too blind to see the damage he's done.
Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really, he has no-one.
So I'll wait for you, and I'll burn.
Will I ever see your sweet return?
Will I ever learn?
Lover, you should've come over 'cause it's not too late.
Lonely is the room. The bed is made, the open window lets the rain in.
Burning in the corner is the only one who dreams he had you with him.
My body turns and yearns for a sleep that will never come.
It's never over. My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.
It's never over. All my riches for her smiles when I slept so soft against her.
It's never over. All my blood for the sweetness of her laughter.
It's never over. She is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.

Maybe I'm just too young to keep good love from going wrong.
Lover you should've come over, 'cause it's not too late.
I feel too young to hold on,
I'm much too old to break free and run.
Too deaf, dumb, and blind to see the damage I've done.
Sweet lover, you should've come over.
Oh, love I'm waiting for you.
Lover, you should've come over 'cause it's not too late.

I think the thing about these people -- Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, etc -- isn't that their early deaths made them so popular. They were always immensely talented. It just takes death to get people to really realise it, and the saddest thing is that they had so much left to say. But if they were still alive, writing and recording their music, it'd be wonderful, of course... but I just don't know if people would appreciate it as much if they thought there was an infinite amount of this music. There's only so much, and so the songs seem more special. Or something.

I've been rambling. Forgive me. :)
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Date:February 19th, 2003 - 10:19 am
True. But I think death does have something to do with it. James Dean only starred in three films - if he'd lived, and had just quit acting after the third movie, would anyone know his name today? I think not. It was, at least in part, his death that allowed him to still be such a big star fifty years after his last film, not his talent alone.

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Date:February 14th, 2003 - 05:49 pm
It probably wouldn't be. But if you want to hear some really sad Queen, listen to 'The Show Must Go On'. That's really become 'Freddie's Song' and the third best of album has a version with Elton John singing leads. Really makes you miss the guy.