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From Twitter 01-07-2010 [Jan. 8th, 2010|03:02 am]
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  • 16:49:48: I find it disappointing that there's not even an attempt at a snowman in the communal garden. I know kids live here, what gives?
  • 17:36:01: @Nystana which actor?
  • 18:28:26: @Frito_KAL if you can get through the whole of S1, S2 is a lot better. Promise.
  • 18:31:12: @Frito_KAL Lots.
  • 18:38:14: @Frito_KAL You haven't got to the Japanese girl pairing off with a beautiful young blonde for an episode yet.
  • 18:38:31: @Frito_KAL I'm not convinced they did.
  • 18:41:19: @Frito_KAL there should be a f/f kiss coming up in that episode any minute.
  • 18:42:13: @Frito_KAL but that makes it fun! you shouldn't try to take S1 in any way seriously. Or most of S2, the Owen arc aside.
  • 18:43:45: @ilikeautumn is there a possibility of you checking in way early and finding an all-night coffee shop or something? Amy and I did that once
  • 18:44:16: @Frito_KAL for half of S2 he is, yes. And then he and Tosh make me cry like a baby.
  • 18:46:15: @ilikeautumn could be bearable, with coffee and Internet or a good book?
  • 18:47:37: @Frito_KAL *giggles* see, I adore Owen, but Burn Gorman is... not the greatest physical specimen ever. which just makes it funnier.
  • 18:47:55: @ilikeautumn how long is the flight?
  • 19:00:06: @ilikeautumn ah, okay. Would have suggested you could sleep then.
  • 19:00:31: @Frito_KAL something like that! It might be his life force, but I like yours better.
  • 21:22:54: @neilhimself !!!!! I WONDERED what had happened to her.
  • 21:24:10: @lauriepink Hi! It's been years, don't know if you remember, but this is Kat from the Compuserve forum. We used to stalk Neil together.
  • 21:30:25: and @neilhimself just gave me the Twittername of a friend from my earliest days in fandom, who I lost track of years ago. Awesome.
  • 21:53:29: @essers Essjay? Is that you?
  • 21:58:43: @essers Not that I remember! You did kindly let me sleep in your daughter's bed once.
  • 22:06:31: @essers I don't believe so, though I don't know where she was. I was 16 and calling myself Kat at the time, if that helps?
  • 22:29:00: @lauriepink Yay! How have you been? I kept meaning to look you up, but you know how it goes....
  • 22:52:46: @lauriepink what's Smith? *curious*
  • 23:02:05: @lauriepink I'm fascinated. it is some kind of Lego creation, perhaps?
  • 23:18:13: I nominate @lauriepink for a Shorty Award in #weird because I used to go with her and her monkeys to Gneil signings.
  • 23:39:37: @lauriepink I'm sure they do! Gnus are fun. *nods*

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