psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 12-29-2009

  • 00:05:19: @InnerBrat I found my copy of the original Wicker Man on DVD and brought it back with me. we can watch that instead if you like.
  • 00:47:26: @ironicsegue also John Simm in a pink dress, high heels and nylons. He has very nice legs.
  • 00:50:15: @ironicsegue and Wilf being generally awesome!
  • 14:13:37: I have far too much chocolate. Mum says I need to lose weight and then she showers me in chocolate. This is very unfair.
  • 18:12:29: @MitchBenn is Astrid going to get her own Twitter like Greta, now she's talking?
  • 18:31:51: @silveraspen This one!
  • 21:06:14: @winternoir ...what the hell are they doing in there?
  • 22:30:35: oh, HONESTLY. Osama bin Laden is not the third Antichrist, crazy American man.

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