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From Twitter 12-27-2009 [Dec. 28th, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 12:08:25: @dizzyshai New Year's Day.
  • 13:39:56: My sister is trying to guilt me into doing something I won't enjoy on the grounds that it will "make Mum happy".
  • 13:40:29: I say dragging me round the shops while I grumble and don't want to be there will not make her happy at all.
  • 19:08:07: sister is still a bitchface. accidentally let Mum see the surgery scar from last year and had to tell her most of the truth. Ooops?
  • 20:32:04: @dizzyshai Still better than abandoning the poor thing. And if it's healthy and well-behaved, they'll get it a home.
  • 20:38:30: @dizzyshai some people prefer older dogs, especially older adopters who don't want to deal with puppy energy :)
  • 20:39:15: @dizzyshai ...yeah, that does sound a bit like emotional blackmail.
  • 21:06:21: there is too much background noise in this house. Mum talking to Aunt Jenny, the TV, sister tromping about... I need food to deal with this
  • 22:58:27: @djcati were you there when I met Saul Tigh's actor in the lift at the Atlanta hotel? I was dressed as a pirate. it was... surreal.
  • 23:34:12: Tosh and Owen's deaths still make me sob like a little girl.
  • 23:56:10: @bluejeanbabie for myself, I don't like voicemail. it makes me nervous. can't explain people blatantly not listening to the recording, tho

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