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From Twitter 12-20-2009 [Dec. 21st, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 04:07:49: @rymenhild it will be a valuable lesson to her about not asking older men intriguing questions. My dad does the same thing.
  • 04:23:13: @viridian kittens may not replace much-missed cats, but tend to at least provide good distraction. *hugs*
  • 11:59:55: @viridian everybody wins! Does he have a name yet?
  • 16:19:24: Nick Baker informs me "armadillo" literally translates to "little armoured thing". that's... kind of adorable.
  • 19:35:49: @moonlight69 I'm doing mine tomorrow. :D
  • 22:27:37: *eyes Heads or Tails* I think I prefer my gameshows to have at least SOME element of skill involved.
  • 23:06:56: @Kajivar ...the which now? How do I not know about this?
  • 23:09:23: @ironicsegue I was really hoping it was just a rumour, but afaik no one's officially denied it, which they would have. :(

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