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From Twitter 12-19-2009 [Dec. 20th, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 01:00:02: @RichardCAdler Ana is a freak who sees penises on popsicle stands.
  • 02:42:47: @sephirajo Ghee? Indian butter?
  • 18:19:24: I haz a muffin. And free shoes.
  • 21:23:23: @havenward According to IMDB, yes. And Ava was the same actress as Ginger. I can also point you to an X-Files episode starring Ava and Ash
  • 21:28:53: @havenward Becky's actress was in "Juno", too. as the receptionist in the abortion clinic.
  • 22:04:29: Mum has decided my wardrobe needs updating again. She wants to go Boxing Day shopping. She KNOWS I hate clothes shopping. :/
  • 23:09:38: ...James Purefoy is riding around in my favourite Napoleonic drama wearing what appears to be a white Stetson. What is this.
  • 23:10:10: and yes, I've seen the episode before. I'd forgotten the HAT, apparently.

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