psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 14:26:13: @ilikeautumn I'd say call your local SPCA and report them for failing to provide proper shelter.
  • 19:29:10: those Aldi chocolate reindeer are totally just Easter bunnies in slightly different packaging.
  • 19:42:18: @Requiem2adream I have the same thought watching early Supernatural.
  • 19:48:10: got a Christmas present from my Aunt Jen and Uncle Rob. it's squishy. and *damn* do I want to cheat and open it now.
  • 20:13:09: @starletfallen clearly your dog needs to learn who really rules the house. *nods*
  • 21:22:25: @ladyseraph ....Kurt is extremely interested in this.
  • 21:24:37: @ladyseraph He's not, afaik. Pete hotknifed him between the eyes, but that's only the body.
  • 21:28:44: @ladyseraph Hell, so is Angelo, for that matter. He's got personal history with Rack too.
  • 21:31:48: @ladyseraph ...I wonder if Rossi and I can work the Grgics into it (Meggan's former owners). we were talking about bringing them back.
  • 21:33:18: @ladyseraph PC or NPC death?
  • 21:37:51: @ladyseraph ...does inhabiting the 6-year-old come with one of the deaths? because if he's coming after Angelo and his own, I have an idea.
  • 21:43:16: @ladyseraph Okay. :) and I didn't mean Angelo was in those plans. Miguel could be, though. ;)
  • 23:06:41: @Requiem2adream we've got it here, going by what I saw on the intercom screen when i let Chris in just now.

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