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From Twitter 12-09-2009 [Dec. 10th, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 17:01:42: @InnerBrat there are locusts that aren't kosher? also, to let you know, I may not be around for hanging out tomorrow. Gramarye's in town.
  • 18:37:50: @distractionary is someone you do follow retweeting it?
  • 20:02:05: @erindubitably my best friend and I cut each other's hair with my mother's crimping scissors when we were five. I'd imagine that effect.
  • 20:27:06: @Kajivar you're the fourth person on my follow list who's mentioned that today. O.o
  • 21:00:04: @samburgler @Kajivar Wear your legwarmers with pride.

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