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From Twitter 12-04-2009 [Dec. 5th, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 01:09:58: one day I actually will go to Sumatra or somewhere and work with great apes. One day.
  • 02:31:35: @parcae ???
  • 03:24:03: @econ_cat @frito_kal bagel bites with cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper.
  • 03:47:54: *cringes at TV* live scorpion, mouth, duct tape, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF.
  • 04:11:53: @Frito_KAL it was a trailer for something called One Way Out. The guy is certifiable and calls it science.
  • 17:14:39: @TakenByTheWind I... sort of vaguely recall that it existed?
  • 19:47:54: @ChayaChilde I thought he'd already been tried and sentenced, back before he ran?
  • 23:33:31: ...I may just have to buy the Spandau Ballet reunion DVD. "Gold", for one, still gets in my heart and *yanks*.
  • 23:48:15: @RichardCAdler oh, definitely. But you know how some songs just remind you of everything good? I'm a child of the '80s.

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