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A quote from one Professor Alan Smithers of Liverpool University, on the consequences of increased tuition fees:

"We might find even more [students in future] wanting to become lawyers, and less deciding to try to improve the world by working for Greenpeace or Save the Children".

Is there anyone out there, apart from our current government of course, who really believes that's a good thing? To have a whole generation of students - the future of our country - who only want to work for large amounts of money in order to pay off their frankly massive debts as quickly as possible, rather than trying "to improve the world"?

GRAAARGH! *roars*

God, I hate Tony Blair...

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    Dylan Thomas was full of shit. I'm glad she went gentle.

  • She's gone.

    22-10-72 -- 22-09-05. Time to rest, Kielle. Loved, missed and always remembered. Namárië.

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    For Kielle. We won't forget.

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