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From Twitter 08-30-2009 [Aug. 31st, 2009|03:01 am]
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  • 15:09:35: sounds like new people are moving in upstairs.
  • 15:29:24: @djcati there are no M&Ms in your trail mix?
  • 15:33:00: @djcati the point of trailmix is quick energy, after all. M&Ms are good for that!
  • 15:50:08: watching Monkey Business and there's a capuchin flirting with his keeper. it's so cute.
  • 20:02:21: @fallingbooks no, a TV show about an English primate sanctuary :)
  • 21:35:21: the cat keeps poking my leg for attention. No claws, Jasper!
  • 22:02:41: @weaverandom @rushindoll @requiem2adream@ Hello, I'm BRIAN BLESSED!
  • 23:11:16: @jumblejim's very hard not to hit on you when you say things like that.

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