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From Twitter 08-18-2009 [Aug. 19th, 2009|02:02 am]
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  • 19:48:17: nobody who is so fat they take up more than one seat on the bus should be allowed to sit down.
  • 20:15:52: yeah, okay, I'm a giant bitch.
  • 20:16:41: Cora, I'd have hoped after five years one comment wouldn't be enough to get that response from you.
  • 20:32:05: @amyamychan Okay, enough. I didn't say a word to the man himself, even when I was squished into a third of "my" seat space. We're done.
  • 20:38:56: @amyamychan And congrats to you for turning what was a fairly decent day into one where I end up in tears again.
  • 21:15:48: @amyamychan Received and read but... not so much for the talking now. I'll catch you later?
  • 21:24:00: @weaverandom Pants are good for work, yes.
  • 21:45:53: @InnerBrat @weaverandom I would have thought they were more essential with a skirt.
  • 21:52:49: @RichardCAdler I think you'd look good in a skirt.
  • 22:31:07: @silensy yay future niece!
  • 23:47:20: @ladyseraph Keep reading, 'Raph. We've been over this. And now I'm going to bed before I cry again.
  • 23:58:35: I'm sorry to all those I upset. It was a stupid thing to say and I didn't mean it.

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