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From Twitter 08-13-2009 [Aug. 14th, 2009|02:03 am]
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  • 20:27:09: @Kajivar That movie cannot be remade. No one else could EVER achieve that level of glorious bad.
  • 20:29:58: @TakenByTheWind I love Star Tours.
  • 20:41:24: my sister was born in a good hospital so they could save her when she came out with the cord around her neck #welovethenhs
  • 20:42:15: broken arm, operation the next morning, regular follow-ups with X-rays, and all for free. #welovethenhs
  • 21:50:08: @innerbrat thinks I'm weird because I used the words "Al Swearengen" and "oddly sweet" in the same sentence. But I meant a specific scene!
  • 23:19:29: you know what I want to do? that thing that guy does with the lights and the long-exposure cameras. but first, to learn about photography.
  • 23:32:26: @parcae: Love, I can honestly say that never once in... what, six years? Never once have you hurt or offended me enough for me to remember.

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