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From Twitter 08-10-2009 [Aug. 11th, 2009|02:04 am]
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  • 10:06:38: today I hurt. Just sort of generally.
  • 11:08:48: also I had really weird dreams about my favourite cousin killing somebody
  • 12:54:16: @innerbrat got up for two minutes for more strawberry milk and now there's a cat trying to look innocent in her seat. *laughing*
  • 13:30:56: @InnerBrat You know what happens when we try to move him! He LOOKS at us!
  • 14:16:59: @weaverandom We love you too. :D
  • 14:36:26: why do my legs itch?!
  • 21:05:04: I'd go to bed too, if only the damn Scandinavians in the flat opposite weren't... playing football, or something. Maybe I will anyway.

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