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Borrowed from isiliel [Jan. 23rd, 2003|05:51 pm]
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1) What do you call me?
2) What song makes you think of me, and why?
3) If you could give me one present, what would it be?
4) What one thing/event do you asscociate with us?
5) How well do you think you know me?

1. What do you like/love about me?
2. What do you hate about me?
3. What do you see me doing in ten years?
4. What is my favorite color?
5. Do you think I'm an interesting person? If so, why?

Recommend to me:
1. A movie.
2. A book.
3. A musical recording. (Preferably one song not an album)
4. An LJ user not on my friends list.
5. A website.
6. Something to do in the next two months.
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Date:January 23rd, 2003 - 11:40 am
1. Don't think I've really called you anything...besides perv and lecher anyway.
2. Not any really.
3. Tom like him right? A hot sexy man at any rate.
4. Um, none.
5. Probably not that well. We must chat sometime.

1. Your nice. Sounds bad, but you are. Easy to be friends with.
2. Hm, that is a tough one...I can't really think of anything.
3. I have no idea.
4. Green?
5. Well, judging by your LJ, definitely yes.

1. I'm supposing you've seen most of the movies I would immediatly reccomend so...Spirited Away?
2. His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman), if you have read it, then Sabriel and Lirael (Garth Nix)
3. Good Chalotte or Chevelle
4. Hm, I think I only know one other person who isn't on your friends list and that's morlom.
5. Mwahahaa.
6. Well, will give the same advice I gave last time, shag sexy men.