psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

My mother wants me to only take "essentials" when I move out, and leave the rest behind for a while. (She also wants me to sort out stuff I'm never going to need again and get rid of it beforehand, which I might do because that actually sounds sensible.)

Her argument is that it makes more sense to take it in batches and settle in first. My argument is that I can't settle in properly without all my stuff.

I am aware that this will be the first time ever that both my sister and I have lived away from home, and it's probably stressing her more than she's admitting, but my stuff.

So, I'm gathering counter-arguments.

1) I'm hiring a van, and it's better to load as much stuff in it as possible than either have to repeat the process later or make my dad bring me things.

2) This is not just me going away to university. This is me moving out, and I intend it to be permanent. Therefore, I need my things. All my things.

3) One person's idea of clutter is not another person's, and I'm getting a bigger room in the flat anyway.

Anyone got any further ideas?
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