psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

RP meme

Everyone likes to hear what we've done that others really enjoyed. Name your favourite post(s) or thread(s) of mine. Then post this in your journal and bookmark it for whenever you need a pick-me-up!

My characters, past and present, are

2suitsisdead - The Cat
and_far_away - Richard Sharpe
anvard_born - King Lune of Archenland
callmefelicia - Adam/Felicia Whiteley
coolhandlucas - Lucas (Empire Records - given to Tony, then taken back, and... not played anywhere just at the moment)
florallyminded - Harry Callahan (Young Wizards)
gonetocarlsbad - Hank Guerin
herbal_waitress - Maria DeLuca
hippie_entrprnr - Amy DeLuca
imthebadguy - Ethan Rom (shared with Tony)
jonathanparagon - Jonathan Levinson
lithargean - Petrefax of Litharge
littlest_pace - Megan Pace (shared with Jenna)
not_ho_chunk - Wisakedjak
petriedino - Petrie
pink_sombrera - Sheemie Ruiz
qsilver_md - Kevin Fawkes
rebelheartalien - Michael Guerin
rockfriend - Ludo
royal_guarantor - Roshaun ke Nelaid
scourgeofpiracy - James Norrington
simple_aeronaut - Lee Scoresby
spectral_skin - Angelo Espinosa
stopped_signal - Mr. Universe (now played by Merc)
street_sparrow - Gavroche Thenardier
ulfin_kingsman - Ulfin
youalleverybody - Liam Pace

x_bamf - Kurt Wagner (now Sefton)
x_skin - Angelo Espinosa
Various NPCs

callmefelicia - Adam/Felicia Whiteley
royal_guarantor - Roshaun ke Nelaid

McAnallys Pub
not_ho_chunk - Wisakedjak
ohholyknight - Michael Carpenter

favourpurveyor - The Marquis de Carabas
qsilver_md - Kevin Fawkes
rebelheartalien - Michael Guerin
youalleverybody - Liam Pace

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