psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Because the world is scary right now and distraction is always good, I steal an idea from juleskicks and challenge you to a picspam contest. Post your funny, hot (but work-safe), cute, or otherwise not-depressing pictures in the comments to this entry. GO.

Here, I start you off.


  • (no subject)

    Two songs I want: Chesney Hawkes, The One and Only Soul Asylum, Runaway Train Anyone out there got them?

  • Music meme

    Gacked from misslucyjane I have 2778 songs (leaving in the Christmas music 'cause I'm lazy) in my iTunes library. Pick a number between 1…

  • (no subject)

    Does anyone happen to have an mp3 of Billy Boyd's song from RotK? I can't find my CD.

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