psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,


Ask my characters anything, or tell me something I didn't know about them. The list of characters I have played, do play, or will play is below. I think it's a comprehensive list.

2suitsisdead - The Cat
and_far_away - Richard Sharpe
anvard_born - King Lune of Archenland
callmefelicia - Adam/Felicia Whiteley
coolhandlucas - Lucas (Empire Records)
gonetocarlsbad - Hank Guerin
herbal_waitress - Maria DeLuca
hippie_entrprnr - Amy DeLuca
imthebadguy - Ethan Rom (shared with Tony)
jonathanparagon - Jonathan Levinson
lithargean - Petrefax of Litharge
littlest_pace - Megan Pace
not_ho_chunk - Wisakedjak
petriedino - Petrie
pink_sombrera - Sheemie Ruiz
qsilver_md - Kevin Fawkes
rebelheartalien - Michael Guerin
rockfriend - Ludo
royal_guarantor - Roshaun ke Nelaid
scourgeofpiracy - James Norrington
simple_aeronaut - Lee Scoresby
spectral_skin - Angelo Espinosa
stopped_signal - Mr. Universe
street_sparrow - Gavroche Thenardier
ulfin_kingsman - Ulfin
youalleverybody - Liam Pace

shengge - Simon Tam
nobodys_daddy - Caleb the preacher

dignityandpride - Angelo Galano

favourpurveyor - the Marquis de Carabas
qsilver_md - Kevin Fawkes
rebelheartalien - Michael Guerin
youalleverybody - Liam Pace

ohholyknight - Michael Carpenter
not_ho_chunk - Wisakedjak

callmefelicia - Adam/Felicia Whiteley
royal_guarantor - Roshaun ke Nelaid

x_bamf - Kurt Wagner
x_skin - Angelo Espinosa

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