psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

I love this song.

Also, totally called Scott being doomed. Poor Scotty.

Jared needs a few subtle-acting lessons. Preferably from Jensen. And dammit, Sam, Dean is breaking to pieces in front of you, stop being an asshole.... and don't just abandon him in the middle of the night!

I agree with whoever said it. If Dean did have to kill Sam, he'd do it quick and painless, and then he'd kill himself.

...oooh, boom. And a new psychic.

Sam keeps smiling inappropriately. Stop it, Sam. And Ellen, that was the least subtle change of subject ever.

Ash continues to rule. Yay for the slacker hacker.

Scott's father really does look like an ageing Jack Bauer.


...nice reversal of Scott's murder scene there. And yay Ava! Ava is cool.

And apparently the special children are connected in more than the obvious way, if Ava's gift is to see the others' deaths before they happen.

Ha HA go Ellen. I love that., Ava's cover story sucks. You couldn't come up with anything better than that, Sammy?

"I'm awesome! :D!" I adore this girl.

Dean, do you honestly believe your brother ran off to Indiana in the middle of the night to get laid?

...oh, fuck, Gordon. And Dean.


...I love the dorkiness of these two, with their codewords. And especially what the word is.

Sam, never ever say those words. "You'll be safe there." Also, how did Gordon find out about him?

Gordon, how can you say you're not a killer when you tortured an innocent girl's body to death with her still somewhere in it?

....Gordon has no fucking idea what he's talking about. We know John would not have killed Sam if he could possibly avoid it, so shut the fuck up, Hunter Psycho. And don't torture Dean, isn't it bad enough as it is?

Oh my God, Dean's tears when he thinks Sam's dead... *breaks*

"It's Sam." WIN. And the almost-hug and the touching, and Dean's first response to check Sam's okay, and then go kill Gordon for touching him...

DUDE. Sam for the win AGAIN. Nobody dies, but Gordon's well and truly taken care of.

...major, major reverse from Dean, there. And it's so all because he can't stand the thought of losing Sam. Feel the love. "Bitch." "Jerk."

Okay, I just shrieked out loud and scared the cat. AVA. NO. D: it next week yet?

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