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A present for the Jack Harkness fans out there: a song by John Barrowman that I think just is Jack as we know him in Torchwood, looking back on his life before. It's from a musical he did a few years ago in London, called The Fix. Comment if you download!

Child's Play

Here I see a man
I'm ashamed to recognize.
Gazing at his face
I see weakness in his eyes.
I won't claim it as my own, then,
This troubled face I see.
Please take away the mirror.
This madman isn't me.
How did it happen?
How'd this nightmare come to be...?

My life was child's play,
Without regret.
Not a game I couldn't win
Or a need that wasn't met.
Child's play, I fear,
Cannot last.
Years fly by
All too fast.
And child's play too soon
Is in the past.

I can see the change
From the mind that once I had.
In the looking glass
I can see me going mad.
And I'm powerless to stop it,
Or counter this attack.
And looking in the mirror
The image starts to crack.
How did it happen?
And why can't I go back...?

My life was child's play,
Carefree and dim.
But the child who rules his world,
Finds the world, in truth, rules him.
Child's play may seem
Clear as day.
But colors fade
To shades of gray.
And child's play begins
To slip away.

I swear the days were longer.
The nights weren't half so cold.
I remember how the years went by
But when did I grow old?
The piper must be paid
For the choices that you made,
For the songs you were so desperate to know.
Yes, take away this mirror.
The madman has to go --

My life was child's play.
So it began.
But the child was never told
What it took to be a man.
Child's play once seemed
A welcome friend.
But in the light
It's all pretend.
Child's play, I guess,
Is at an end.

There it is.
Final score.
Child's play, my boy,
And nothing more....

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