psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Dear yuletide Santa,

Thank you for signing up, very much. :D And whichever of my chosen fandoms it is you know best, I'll be happy to get a story in it.

1) Priscilla, Queen of the Desert - I'd pick Adam/Felicia as my favourite character from this canon, so I'd love to see more fic starring him. As I said in the original submission, missing adventures are what I'm after - either pre-canon exploring his past life, or what he and Tick get up to post-canon. Slash (either Adam/Tick or Adam/OC) is, given the nature of the canon, not only accepted but almost inevitable. *grins*

2) Sharpe - book or movie canon is acceptable, but I'd prefer movie canon if you know it. I'm looking for fic about the Chosen Men, ideally gen but if there has to be slash, that's fine as long as it's not Sharpe/Harper, or preferably involving Sharpe at all. Set before or during Sharpe's Battle for preference, so poor Perkins is still alive.

3) Torchwood - The fic should be Owen-centric if possible, though I don't hate any member of the team enough to want them excluded entirely if they have a natural place in the story. It can either go into his backstory and how he came to be with Torchwood, a missing adventure, a slice of life at the Hub, or explore Owen's reactions to Ghost Machine and the effect it has on him. Pretty much anything, as long as it's focusing on Owen. :) Any pairing accepted, especially Owen/Toshiko or Owen/Gwen.

4) Queer as Folk UK - as stated in the original request, I'd like the fic to be about that criminally underused and fabulous character Alexander Perry. Up to you what point in canon you go from, whether it's pre-, giving more details about post-, or telling canon itself from Alexander's POV. Pairings, if there are any, can be with anyone.

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