psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Further thoughts on Torchwood

I think we can all agree this team are all dysfunctional people to one level or another.

Toshiko said herself she has no time for a relationship - or apparently any socialisation at all outside of the team - with the work she does. And from the brief glimpse we got of her flat, she lives alone with her books and her tech. She seems the happiest of the group, but...

We got a good look at Owen's flat in The Ghost Machine, and that is not a home. It's a place to go to eat, sleep, occasionally watch TV and, if you're Owen, bring sex partners to, but it's not a home. There was barely any furniture in sight, and certainly nothing that made it anything more than a display house, nothing that had Owen's own stamp on it. The man himself has been shown to be less than stable, too, for one reason or another, and his choice of words to Gwen was telling. "I torture people in happy relationships". There's also the way he was tipping back that whiskey like water, which suggests it isn't the first time he's drunk it like that. I think it's pretty clear he's an unhappy man, and probably a lonely one. (Of course, this doesn't detract from the fact that he's also on occasion a twisted little bastard. But it might help explain it.)

Suzie's life seemingly revolved around the team and the job so much that she killed herself rather than risk... whatever she thought she was risking. Being sent away in disgrace (though she was already planning to run)? Jack's disappointment/displeasure? Having her memory erased, though something would certainly have been put in its place if that's possible with Torchwood tech?

Jack lives at the base, and doesn't seem to do anything but prepare for whatever's coming to change everything. He doesn't even sleep, if we can believe him on that point. And he's hardly more stable than Owen, flipping from sympathetic boss to cold bastard and back again.

I suspect Ianto may live at the base, too, or at least spend far more time there than he does wherever he officially lives. There are hints on the website that he's been there at night, and he was the only member of the team apart from Jack who we didn't see at home in "Everything Changes".

So the question is, in view of Gwen's deteriorating relationship with Rhys... is she actually succeeding at pulling the team up and teaching them what they've forgotten about being human? Or are they just dragging her down with them?

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