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Kate and Weaves: *invade Rick's journal and talk about Torchwood and Sharpe*

Kate: *is reminded of something she wanted to write up*

Okay. Going with a public post, because I'm really getting kind of desperate now.

I play Richard Sharpe, at milliways_bar, and despite my best efforts over the last year or so, we still have no Patrick Harper. This is a sad, sad state of affairs, because Sharpe without Harper is not right on so many levels, and I really want one.

So, I throw open the recruiting gates. I know for a fact some of you have seen at least some Sharpe and some of you - juleskicks, I'm looking at you - are far more involved in the fandom than I am.

Please, one of you, app Harper. Or find me a Harper. If anyone doesn't know the canon but is interested anyway, I will happily burn you DVDs of the entire TV canon and/or send you the copies of the books I own.

For a general overview, The Sharpetorium is pretty comprehensive on the canon.

(And Jules, if you do go out recruiting, I also wouldn't turn down Hagman, Harris or Perkins).
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