psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

My flight itinerary for the America trip in July.

13 July - London-Charlotte, depart 10.30, arrive 14.20
Charlotte-DC, depart 15.45, arrive 16.59

17 July - Baltimore-Las Vegas, depart 07.00, arrive 08.45

19 July - Las Vegas-San Diego, depart 11.25, arrive 12.36

24 July - San Diego-Philadelphia, depart 06.40, arrive 14.50
Philadelphia-London, depart 20.45, arrive 09.00

So. Questions.

Jen and Jess, is that an okay time for you, or should I amuse myself for a few hours until it's more convenient?

Twiller, I think I won't have to leave your house at too horrible a time to get to the airport. Midnight or 1am would be more than safe, for check-in and stuff.

Any folks in DC, how close is Baltimore-Washington International to the city?

And finally, I will be stuck on layover in Philadelphia for about six hours. Anyone live there and care to come keep me company?
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