psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Adam Whiteley - bartends and is now apparently going to be one of Lilly's whores, wtf Adam.
Angelo Espinosa - was bar staff, now... on David's tab, maybe? Ask Tracy.
Gavroche Thenardier - under Tom's
James Norrington - pays as he goes
Jonathan Levinson - pays as he goes
Kevin Fawkes - is paid for by Garion
Liam Pace - pays as he goes
Ludo - how does a Muppet monster pay his tab?
Maria Guerin - is on Michael's, on the rare occasions she's in the bar
Michael Guerin - was paid by David, now pays every so often
Mr. Universe - is a problem. Did Preston pay any? Can maybe earn money with his skills.
Petrie - ...another interesting question
Richard Sharpe - pays when he can
Roshaun - ...I have no idea. Can he still access the Wellakhit treasury?
Sheemie Ruiz - one of the other gunslingers paid for him
Ulfin - pays as he goes, if Morgan doesn't
Tags: milliways

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    Sharpe writers, all is forgiven. That? That was perfect.

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    New layout, whee! All credit to rapunze11e

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