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[Jun. 19th, 2005|07:57 pm]
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Something I don't think I completely noticed before:

Jack invites his death. He has a choice, when he's got no more bullets. He can stand, or he can run. And okay, so he couldn't run far, the only place to go is into the room where the Doctor's working, he's going to die anyway, but. He could run, and spend the last few minutes of his life with the man he so very obviously loves.

But he doesn't.

He chooses to stand with his back to the wall and open his arms - literally - to the death that's coming for him, just for the chance that it'll slow the bastards down for a few moments more, and that that will be enough.

And in that moment, he's a hero completely and irrevocably. He dies a hero.

And if Rose hadn't brought him back to life, it would have broken my heart, but it would have been a fitting death.

*can't wait for December*
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