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[Dec. 3rd, 2002|01:09 am]
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Had an interesting discussion about civil disobedience in Human Rights class today. The basic consensus among the group (not just myself and Mariela, although we seem to have acquired a reputation as "the activist ones") seems to be that we should have a right to non-violent civil disobedience - but we don't.

I wasn't personally in Genoa, but I know people who were, and I saw the photos they and others took of the aftermath. I don't think I'll ever quite clear my head of the image of Carlo Giuliani lying dead in the street, and of the GSF building after the carabinieri swooped. There was blood literally everywhere in those pictures - splashed all up the walls and pooling on the floor. The people occupying that building weren't black bloc, they were among the most peaceful and liberal of all the protesters, and they were brutally beaten by the police as they slept.

And then there's May Day, which wasn't anywhere near as violent, but was still a clear infringement of human rights. For those who don't know, the police decided to stop the May Day protests in London a couple of years ago - by penning up 50,000 people in Trafalgar Square. For. Eight. Hours. Not just protesters, but tourists and anyone else who had the bad luck to be there at the wrong time. They weren't letting anyone out, on any pretext. Wrongful detention, I think. Yes.

I've said it before and I'll almost certainly say it again - why won't people wake up?! We are losing our right to dissent, and pretty soon it'll probably be a legally punishable offence! Why don't more people realise this?


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Date:December 3rd, 2002 - 01:30 am
People don't realise this because those that do stand up to the police and are killed. As most of us in the position to protest, either because we have the money and education and power, do not want to. We are too heavily watched, with camera recording us if we go to fast, and we are too comfortable with our own positions, and have not enough people. Besides that, we are HAPPY. We have nearly everything we could want, missing just enough to keep us stuck in our pursuit of life, and to stop us from pausing and looking around at our world.

The people who have the people to do it, and the reason to be dissatisfied do not have the education to do so. They haven't got the status, nor the money, nothing but the will and the people. And we all see what happens to the poor people who stand up, don't we? Blood.

By the time we wake up, if we ever do, it will be too late. With phones being taped and inboxes raided, by the time things get bad enough for the people in power to move (which is highly doubtful, as they will be happy with their power over others) we will be in such a position that nothing can be done, people who object shall be...dealt with.

Such is the world we live in, and there will always be the people abused. *sighs* not that I accept it, and anyone hurting animals shall get the crap beaten out of them, but don't sit around waiting for people to wake up, get out there and kick them hard up the butt and make them think that THEY'LL be the ones missing out if things continue the way they do. Or tell them to "think of the children!!!"

Orwell knew our world too well methinks...