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*quotes own journal for the sake of clarity*

It's something I've noticed: the fics, in many fandoms, that I tend to be most drawn to are the ones that break my heart. Specifically, the ones set at some point in a less-than-perfect future, where the characters are older and far away (to steal a Buffy episode title), divided and alone and broken, and longing for something they either lost or voluntarily gave up a long time ago. Maybe I'm an angst demon, but those kind of stories, when they're well written, tend to be my all-time favourites.

And now I'm wondering. If I was to organise a ficathon for that kind of story, from any fandom (which would likely be called the "Older and Far Away" ficathon, because that phrase is stuck in my head), do you all a) think it would work and b) think you might be interested?
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