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FF-net Mary Sues with my name

Search by summary, with your name in your favourite fandoms. Post the resulting summaries in your journal. :)

COMPLETED!!! Sequel to 'Sora's Ring of Power'. Kate and Frodo are kidnapped while attending a wedding party and soon find themselves caught up in a battle over a dangerous weapon. Please R/R!

Complete! Kate is 20 and she finally returns home to visit her parents after almost two years of being away. After an argument with her father she is a typical fallen to ME chick..but her brother and father, who she can't stand, are there too.

the end of school and Kate is leaving on a boat trip with her dad. she does not know where they are going. about six days of peaceful sailing the trip turns into disaster

Kate and her pal Smee stumble into Middle Earth and into the hands of the most unlikely people. Believe me, Kate finds her situation more unusual than you readers, so go on and find out why!

"By Blood" Series Beginning! When Kate’s fear of her father effects her relationship with Haldir, how will they both react? *Complete*

A snake finds its way into Haldir and Kate’s home and, well..Haldir finds out what, exactly, Kate thinks of snakes. Please R/R! Number 2 of Kate/Haldir short fic series, Love and Will.

Kate finds a furry little guest that ultimately earns the name "trouble" with Haldir.

Someone wants the Elves to feel pain. When that grievious pain comes from the shadows of night in Lothlorien – How can the March Warden stop it before it reaches his kin and before it reaches Kate?

A bit of an accident with a large puddle lands Kate Rogers in Middle Earth... Will she help in the quest, or just manage to screw the whole thing up?

Kiwi'sDon'tDrinkandDrive cowrote this final installment. Kate, Paige, and Ashley have to make headway in the world by deciding the fate of their love lives, and whether or not their relationships are reflective of their inner selves.

Kate runs away from her Orphanage and meets up with a man and his godson. But when she finds out who her father is though, she finds out the person she has to kill is a dear friend she loves

The Marauders and Julian in Gryffindor and Lily, Kate, Phyllis and Gussie in Ravenclaw embark on a ordinary school year, until the Marauders and co decide to grace the Library with their presence and carried away in something Gussie specializes in.

Supplementing "No Such Place", this new fic focuses on Oliver Wood and his transition from professional Quidditch player to professional misfit. Should be lots of fun. Weasley and Kate exposure.

Kate Rhys isn't your average damsel in distress... in either the Muggle or the wizarding world... in fact, for some reason she's usually the cause of it... Note the usual disclaimers about ownership J.K. Rowling owns all characters save Kate, Gwen, Orion

Jedda Riddle, the son of the Dark Lord, has been in a Wizard/Witch orphanage for the last 12 years with his sister, Kate. Suddenly, Voldemort finds them and reveals Jedda has joined the Dark Side and Kate has fled..what will happen next? R&R!

Kate was accepted to Hogwarts on unusual circumstances. She herself doesn't know exactly why. Someone else is searching for her too. For a power she doesn't know she posseses. She must discover this before its too late, and someone gets hurt. Please R&R!!

Kate would seem like any ol' Weasley, but when she starts her first year, she is sorted into Gryffindor? No! Slytherin! Her mom turns on her, and when Kate gets home for the Holidays, she plans an escape........

Kate LeFay could have any boy she wanted. But, what happens when the boy she wants doesn't seem to want her back? See what happens underneath the mistletoe! Dedicated to all my fellow SOB cheerchics!

Kate Winslum was adopted when she was 10 months old. She is now 15 and looking for an escape from her abusive father. Kate meets this amazing boy called Draconus Malfoy. Sound familiar?? Ok so the summary sucks but the story is good. R & R plz

Kate is a witch without a homeland, raised using Dark Arts, and friends with the light, with her marriage the fate of the war will be decided. Mature Themes GeoW/OC

CHAP 7 UP!RR My own version of OotP. Weird happenings match to the arriving of Kate Dumbledore to Hogwarts, plus the intervention of Blaise Zabini (m)and the order of the dark phoenixes. HarryGinny HrRon, BlaiseKateKateDraco.

Kate is an ordinary teenage girl, or so she thought until one -not so special- day she is pulled into the world of Harry Potter and Wackiness Ensues. She finds out that Willow, Giles and Spike are already there. Hp/BtVS, not complete

It's a story of the Marauders and Lily, Miranda, and Kate. It will follow up till that fateful night of Lily and James' death and then skip ahead to Harry's sixth year. It's A JPLE and A RLKate Story, but the name still stands.

Yay! Its back up! Kate is funny, sarcastic, up-beat, and harbouring a dark secret. And all the while she's wondering: Who IS that gorgeous blond haired boy?

Wedding bells are about to ring at Hogwarts for Kate Herald and Oliver Wood! The gang don't know, and when they find out about the wedding, as well as Kate, Dani and Chris being fugitives, could things go awry?

It is Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kate's 6th year at Hogwarts. Kate is Sirius's daughter, and she is mourning the loss of her father. Kate and Harry become more than friends because they find comfort in each other because they both knew Sirius very well.

The world is on the edge of distruction. And for its only hope of survieing rests upon POPTechno diva Kate Ryan of her unknown powers.

A new cast of mutants is on the loose as a new dawning approaches for the X-Men. Kamden: a boy who can swiftly turn to a black demonic looking dragon, Alicia: a girl who can create strong blocks of stone anywhere she likes, and Kate: a girl who can make

Remy and Julia see each other again and sparks fly again. This doesn't sit well with Kate or Allyson.

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