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Romeo and Juliet was good, if a little odd in style. The set was made up of stepladders that people moved around to form the scenery, which was new and interesting. Some of the actors did really odd interpretations of their parts, though - much lighter deliveries of certain lines and speeches than I'm used to, especially having watched Baz Lurhmann's version a few too many times.

My favourite was Escalus. But he was played by a good friend of mine, Chris, so I'm biased. Chris was really good, though, he's really matured as an actor in the last couple of years.

After the show, it was like an old school reunion or something. All these Drama Soc alumni just turned up out of the blue - Dave, Chris H, Charlie, Bertie, Cat, Mike (who works in the theatre now, so I suppose I should have expected to see him there) - and Simon, of all people. Simon never comes to Drama Soc stuff any more, but it turned out he'd decided to come along to see people and to announce his engagement. Yes, Simon and Emily are getting married. How very scary, they're only a few years older than me.

So then we all gathered in the student bar after the show, and monopolised the quiz machine, just like old times. At some point near the end, I somehow managed to slice open the pad of my thumb, which then refused to stop bleeding for half an hour. Don't quite know how that happened, but it hurt.

When we got kicked out of there at closing time, it was agreed to meet up again at a bar in town that was closing late. So some of the group t00bed off to someone's car, and the rest of us went for the night bus.

After being dragged halfway across town by Bob, Pete, Brendan and Sam (who all failed to get off the bus in time when I did at our stop, and so had to come back to get me), we finally reached the bar in question - and they wouldn't let us in. Said they were closing the doors well before they started kicking people out. So the lads wandered off to their various homes, and I went back to the hostel. A slightly annoying end to the evening, but generally I had a good time. It was nice to see everybody again, even though I'll probably see them all next Saturday anyway.

But yeah. I had a good time.

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