psycho-biker-junkie-whore (avariel_wings) wrote,

Two drabbles for x_men100 - "What if they weren't mutants?"

Title: Debutante
Character: Movieverse Rogue

She's just another debutante, among all the others who came out the same year as her. Of course, she's in high demand, being one of the prettier girls of her age, and she has offers of places at Ivy League universities.

She's going to Yale. It's a family tradition, and one she'd never dream of breaking, just like all the other traditions of her family. Go to this school, and have that kind of debut party, and go to Yale…

She's never seriously questioned it, because it's all she knows. But sometimes, Marie wonders if there's nothing… bigger out there.

Title: Escape Route
Character: Angelo

Father Angelo makes no secret of his past.

His story's nothing out of the ordinary. Former gang kid, reforms and takes holy orders. Traditionally, there's only three ways out of that life: prison, death, or the priesthood. Some break the mould. He didn't. And, like most like him who choose the priesthood, he served time first.

Now he's back, doing his best to save the kids who remind him so much of his younger self. Trying to save them from dying too young by bullet or blade, and from the slower death of the hardened killer. It's all he wants.

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